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At Windhorse Ranch, our animals are all rescues. We have 6 rescue horses, a piggy, a donkey, four dogs and a cat. Our main focus is on liberty and natural horsemanship and developing a bond and undestanding of the horse. We also do horseback archery and have an Original Kassai System Track. We have a club where we teach all ages as well as the underprivalaged.

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volunteer tasks

Your day will begin at around 9am, we will spend the morning training and working with our horses.

The training varies from Liberty work, to ground work exercises,

as well as simple trust and meditation methods.

We stop for lunch at 12.30

The afternoon we do archery and track training.

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Is this for you?

If you have a passion for horses and a desire to know more on how to connect with your horse without using force, then this is a program for you.

You will learn basic liberty, natural horsemanship methods using only positive reinforcement. You will learn to ride bitless and learn about the horses anatomy and basic body work.

In addition, you can learn horseback archery, the oldest form of marshall art.

april 2022-2.jpg
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